Day 328

Let’s put away the books sex.  ~9pm

It’s a little disappointing when he has so much paperwork to do, so he slinked off to the study to carry on with his tasks.  While I lounged on our bed with a large T-shirt and pussy on show.  When he came in, he made quick work of his clothes while pretending to fill me in on what he had been doing.  Then it was straight for grabbing my ankles and pulling me towards him before fucking me.  God I needed this.  Who cares if the bed was creaking too loudly, or if I were making too much noise, you needed a good shag once in a while!  Especially when, towards his release, all he could do was thrust extra fast into me, so fast that I couldn’t even breathe properly.  Loved it.


Day 326

Early start sex.  ~8pm

Despite the early start to the day, it did not stop us from snuggling in bed and snuggling elsewhere as well.  The injury certainly will not be posing any more barriers as he fucked me hard and I might have been a little too loud for my parents’ house.  Thank goodness we’re moving out soon!  Finally found a place!

Day 208


Back to the noises sex.  ~10am

I often think that sex should get better when people are older, perhaps nearing retirement or in retirement.  To have sex without every little stress of life is relaxed and it’s all about feeling instead of thinking.  And that’s exactly how it felt in the morning, amazing.  He did admit, afterwards, that he forgot how loud I could be.


Maybe forever scarred sex.  ~10pm

It was just a session of good, solid sex.  After the incident about a month ago when he accidentally thrusted into my anus, every time we’re in this position again, I’m always scared that it will happen again in the back of my head.

Day 157


Who cares who can see sex.  ~9pm



Due to an unfortunate event, we now no longer have blinds to cover our window in our bedroom.  And there is another building right across from us.  If someone were to stand on their balcony, there was no doubt that they’d be able to see us very clearly.  I’d never been someone to shy away from voyeruism, he was a little different.  So the lights went off and a candle came on. 

On a side note, I’ve always enjoyed him distracting me when we’re doing something else by sliding his hand under my clothes or pulling down my underwear to indicate that he wanted to do something else.

Asked him what level of noise would be okay for me to make (since he says I’m loud) when we visit his parents, he said we’d have to buy a gag.  Ooo la la.

Day 113


Sleepy snuggly fuckly sex.  ~10am

He rolled over on top of me when I was still sleepy-eyed and half awake.  It didn’t take me long to feel his hard cock against my vagina, circling, pushing in.  Loved how hard the fucking was, especially the sound of skin slapping against skin, makes me wetter by the second.

MILF sex.  ~11pm

Went with MILF porn, had a quick discussion about what MILF is and who is considered MILF.  First time watching a porn video where they let you click on the segment that you want to see, ie: blowjob, doggy style.

Day 101


Phone sex.  ~7:30pm

Not your traditional sense of phone sex.  Was talking to my parents on the phone when he decided to come in and join me.  It started off fine until he pulled my shorts off.  Made for a very awkward phone call.  But I guess it’s the scandalous situation that made it feel all the better.  Was worried that my parents would hear his balls slapping against me.

Day 86


Fuck me hard sex.  ~8pm

While waiting for the next episode to load, he decided that waiting around just wasn’t going to happen.  So he climbed over me and rather decisively pulled my pants down before proceeding to fuck me hard.  He even commented on the amount of noises that I was making. If only our roommate were out, then he’d understand what noises are really all about.

Had a conversation about sex later on and discovered how differently we view it.  It’s disheartening to hear his thought that longer that you’ve had sex for, it stops feeling as good as time goes on.  Maybe it’s true and I’m just being optimistic whereas he’s more realistic regarding this aspect.  I guess only time would tell.