Day 365


He’s out with friends until heaven knows when!


7 thoughts on “Day 365

  1. Seriously? It’s day 365. We expected more.

    Most people who visit your blog (I suspect it’s quite a lot) prefer to remain hidden, but I make no qualms about a curiosity for your stated mission of finding out if the sparks die, and the daily progression of what such encounters may look like for those of us yet to be married. I do regret the use of language, the occasionally explicit images, and the fact you two don’t seem to be married. I believe we all operate at our most optimal levels when following the Directions. And if you take any time to read my posts, you’ll see I’ve stuck to that, as hard as that’s been. And perhaps you’ll find it strange to hear a stranger will pray for you. But I do hope you’ll look to God more in your lives together and bring things ’round and in for a landing under redemption before too long.

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