Day 363


I’d rather do you sex.  ~8pm

In between projects, he stood up and gestured to the bed and told me to get over there.  “Whatever for?  I thought you needed to do work.”  “I’d rather do you.”  He said while stripping himself of his clothes.  Well, it’s not exactly textbook romantic, but I liked the plainness of it.  So I asked him to show me what he’s got while I complied and stripped naked as well.  On the bed, I sucked his cock with satisfaction.  Didn’t think I’d ever find a cock I enjoy sucking on.  Then again, ever since I was a baby, I apparently liked to put things in my mouth.  Foreshadow much?  He got up after a few minutes and took advantage of my position: lying on my stomach.  I like it when he spreads my ass cheeks open and looked at my holes before he penetrates.  Tonight, he repeated this numerous times.  It’s a little embarrassing, but also highly arousing knowing that he’s looking at something so private.  I playfully reached back to grab his cock, but he pinned both of my wrists together, down against my back.  The lack of control on my part was so delicious.  


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