Day 361


Been waiting for so long sex.  ~8pm

He was gone the entire day working on a project, left to my own devices, my thoughts soon turned to a certain area.  I waited patiently for him to come home, he averted my first attempts at taking off his clothes because he was eager to watch a particular episode.  I wasn’t going to lie, I had been waiting for too long to watch it as well!  When he took off his clothes and snuggled into bed with me much later, we kissed and touched and teased each other and he entered me.  It felt great and I couldn’t bend my legs enough to grant him further access.  I love it when he has control of my legs and contort them however he wishes while fucking me.  I’m a control freak by day, but in bed, I don’t want a single shred of control.  He turned me over and fucked me so hard that I had to plant a hand against the wall to stop myself from sliding with each thrust.

And even later, in bed, with the lights turned out, I hopped up and straddled him, wanting a replay of what had happened a couple of hours ago.  He joked and we play fought for a bit, but I had every intention of sliding down on his cock while he did not.  Out of (pent up) frustration and annoyance, I slid off him and asked

“When was the last time you fucked me more than once a day?”

“A while ago?”


I didn’t let him touch me for the rest of the evening and rolled over to sleep.


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