Day 360


Pretend bikram yoga sex.  ~11pm

I was quite annoyed as we got closer to bed time, he’d made no move to indicate that he was interested in having sex tonight.  Out of annoyance, I headed off to the shower without him.  I was almost finished when he came in and pressed his penis against me, it was semi-erect.  I stood on my tiptoes and let him slid his penis against my pussy back and forth.  He put a hand on my back and I turned off the shower before bending over.  His penis slid in easily, surprising me, and he pulled my back against him.  I titled my head down, loving to watch my breasts sway as he fucks me.  The heat and the wetness gave difficulty to our breathing and both of us thought we were going to pass out afterwards.  He mentioned whether this would be how it felt to have sex in a bikram yoga room.  Now I’m itching to satisfy that craving.


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