Day 356


Looks at that sex.  ~7.5/10

He was coming home late tonight, so I took the time to get ready.  This included a quick, 30-minutes “angels work out” along with a shower and shaving myself free of hair in all the essential areas.  When I’m on my period, I just don’t feel like doing anything.  I’m sure he appreciated the effort, along with having been (somewhat) celibate for the past week or so (blow jobs didn’t count, I suppose), he was very quick to be touching my vagina through my panties.  Once in bed, he held my ankles and pushed my legs apart and back towards the bed, exposing my vagina to him completely.  He said “look at that”, I said “I can’t see anything”.  His response was to rub his penis against my pussy as if he’s thrusting into me, allowing me the view of the tip appearing and disappearing while his shaft rubbed against my clit.  It was a great vantage point.  He didn’t go easy on me as I had asked him to, you know, what with a week off and so on, but I loved the hard fucking nonetheless.


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