Day 346


I dreamt of you sex.  ~10:30am

I woke up in the middle of a very vivid wet dream.  I looked over and he was still sleeping.  I tried to control myself, but a few minutes later, I just had to try and squirm around to see if I can get to his penis.  Unfortunately, he’s a very light sleeper and before I was any where near his penis, he turned and told me how naughty I was.  In his arms, I told him about the dream that I had.  He had kissed me, and we had undressed one another.  We fell back onto the bed in my dream and he touched me all over before putting his penis into me.  I told him not to cum inside of me, the result was him pulling out and spilling his seed all over my body.  Instead of finishing things off, I sat up and put my mouth around his cock to suck it.

And this was when I woke up.  Explains my desperate need to suck his cock.

Although he did not cum all over me in real life, he did roll around very quickly and fucked me like he did in my dream, hard and fast, making me cum so hard that I didn’t even realize he hadn’t reached climax himself.  Imagine my very pleasant surprise when he picked up thrusting after my orgasm.


Dance routine sex.  ~9pm

I made him do one of those dance work outs with me, I couldn’t stop laughing, it was the best thing ever!  After the routine, face flushed and dripping with sweat, I knelt down on the yoga mat and wrapped my lips around his cock.  Mmm.  I guess his reward was justified as he did go through some pretty embarrassing moves.  He moved me to our bed quickly enough and the heat from the work out plus the heat of the moment made me feel like I couldn’t breathe.


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