Day 345


Have you prepared yourself sex.  ~10am

Our new place has great window shutters that block out 90% of light, so even when it was 10am with the sun blazing over a beautiful day, our room appeared like 6am in the morning when the sun had just peaked.  It was an interesting light when he rolled on top of me and we kissed and touched and finally got to fucking.  The bed we just bought creaked beneath us and I began to wonder if this one will give out soon as well.  He flipped me over and pounded hard into me, each thrust felt like it ended in my stomach.  I absolutely love it when he fucks me so hard that I can’t even breathe.


You’re dressed skimpily sex.  ~11:30pm

By the time he came back from his friend’s place, I had showered and change into one of my green lingerie pieces.  He commented on my state of undress while I reclined onto a pile of duvet and pillows with my legs spread open for him.  I touched my clit and inserted a finger into my vagina while I waited for him to undress.  I pushed my thong aside but he preferred to take it off completely.  With the duvet and pillows under my back, he lifted my legs over his shoulders and bent me in half.  The angle was amazing because I was able to watch his penis enter and exit my pussy.  I realized that I enjoy watching his face in concentration as he neared his climax and especially his face when his cum spills into me finally.


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