Day 335

Annoyed and frustrated sex.  ~10pm

It sucks that his tasks take up time that we used to spend together.  I had to help him throughout the evening while I was dying to have sex.  I know I should be supportive, but it’s just annoying that I can’t do my own thing ’cause I have to help him.  As you can imagine, I hate group work.  So we went to bed as it was getting late and I was just annoyed and unhappy.  A few minutes later, I thought I should see what would happen if I tried.  So I stroked his cock silently, with determination.  Whether he felt my frustration or he was thinking about it as well, he grew hard immediately and turned to me.  There was lots of passionate kissing, definitely a bonus, and touching before fucking.  It was silent, in the sense that we did not speak one word to one another.  I felt much better afterwards.  I guess I just needed to get laid!


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