Day 333

Fourth christening sex.  ~9pm

Twenty-four hours later, we were finally able to christen our new place!  This is the fourth place we’ve lived in together (we just can’t seem to stay still!), and as much as we hate the moving bits, we absolutely love settling into a new place and getting it to the way we like it to be!  Not to mention we’re finally back on our amazingly large bed again!  It’s great when he spreads my legs into an M and fucks me while looking directly into my eyes.  Usually I have no problems keeping eye contact, in fact I love eye contact, somehow during sex, it’s a whole new story.  It makes me feel shy, for some reason!  he flips me over and pounds into me from behind.  I absolutely loves the final few thrusts when he completely, unabashedly, without any inhibition, fucks me hard.


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