Day 325

Not so invalid sex.  ~1pm

Someone was determined to get into my panties today, injured ligament and all.  I claimed to be still bleeding, but he flatly rejected that notion, citing that he’s known me for far too long for that excuse to work.  To be fair, I was spotting the tiniest amount of blood, but he was right over all.   However, I do like to be the tease, and made sure to spread my legs open while I was sitting on the sofa across a coffee table from him and made a show of rubbing my clitoris and spreading my pussy open for him.  He claimed that I wouldn’t be able to walk for a week, I told him I was still bleeding.  After a few hours of teasing, he finally got me alone in the bedroom and made quick work of my clothes before the actual fucking.  It’s been a week, it was good, but both of us were obviously too horny to really enjoy the moment.  Nothing wrong with a quick fuck, but I’m looking forward to round 2 when we could prolong it a little longer.


Let’s fuck sex.  ~6:15pm

After a little made-shift eye treatment, I lay next to him and whispered “let’s fuck”.  Again and again.  I didn’t really think he would take me up on it, but he shifted aside and pulled me over.  I had time to pull my shorts off my leg before he pulled it off the other and plunged into me.  I like to keep him close to me as my period is just approaching its end, and it’s become almost an instinct to find the most comfortable position that wouldn’t result in any pain.  That was satisfying, but I’m insatiable.


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