Day 318

Making an effort sex.  ~5:00pm

Maybe it’s because of the comment he made recently about how I dressed up to see a friend, but not to see him.  I realized that I had been quite slack recently when it came to looks.  Therefore, I had decided that I will make more of an effort!  Not during weekdays, since my work is super conservative.  So to pick him up after work, I decided to put on a strapless, little white dress with a loose chignon and make-up.  It made myself look good, and perhaps he appreciated that as well.

When we got home, it was very quickly to the bedroom.

I loved it when he slid his hands under the dress and caressed my pussy over my underwear before taking it off.  The anticipation definitely made it more exciting and really enjoyed when his cock entered me finally.  Before completely turning over, we enjoyed a brief moment of having him fuck me on my side with my leg tucked up.  Finally I lifted my ass for him to enter me deeper.

Great fuck.

It did hurt a little, but nothing atrocious.

No period yet.


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