Day 308

Just wasn’t meant to be sex.  ~8:30pm

It started off great.  He asked me to seduce him with some music as aid.  However, I was already in the middle of putting on a long (and loud) video of our favourite comedians.  The seducing part was easier to do.  I love kissing all over his body and sucking his cock ’till it’s nice and hard and slick for me.  This evening was no different.  It started off great.  I got to ride him a little, he flipped me over to fuck me.  We moved to the edge of the bed ’cause the springs were creaking a little too much.  Then I bent over the bed.  Then we moved back onto the bed.  It’s great when a man could last in bed, but there’s a limit to how long. It was becoming concerning.  He went to pee.  It helped.  And then it didn’t.  In the end, he couldn’t finish and there was nothing there for me.

Thinking back, I probably should have chosen more appropriate background noise.

And this was meant to be our last sex session since he was going away for the weekend.


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