Day 295

Cherry sex.  ~7:45pm

Snuggled into bed with a bowl of cherries, all prepared to watch something… until I changed into my little night dress.  I admit, I changed into it thinking that I could seduce him later on.  Except I couldn’t resist rubbing a cherry against my vagina and asking him to pop my cherry again.  And thus began the process of rubbing a cherry against my clit and inserting it into my vagina, just slightly, before eating it.  Yeah, definitely not watching that program any more.  He took off his clothes and pushed his penis into me, hence began the wonderful sex.  He turned me over and put on a condom (that time of the month again), it stretched my pussy in an awkward way.  So I flipped over thinking it was the angle, but in the end, I asked him to take it off ’cause I had a sneaking suspicion that if we continued with the condom, I was probably going to be in pain for the rest of the evening.

He pulled out before climax and I quickly wrapped my hand around his dick to finish him off over my chest.  A fantasy that I’ve been having for a while.  Except… I obviously hadn’t given anyone a hand job in a long time!  It made for great follow-up sex when I asked him to put it back in my pussy a couple more times before I decided to suck him off instead, lubricant and what-not.

It was one of the few times when I heard him gasp and sigh so loud that they could be counted as moans, not a very loud man in bed.  Super arousing!

No one has died from possibly getting lubrication in their mouth, right?


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