Day 294

Sexy little dress sex.  ~8:30pm

I believe I’m a nudist at heart, and I’m fairly certain that most people know that already.  Now that we’re staying with my parents, it’s hard for me to walk around naked.  So the next best thing is a little night dress that I wear when we’ve retired to our bedroom.  And it’s got a certain effect on him.  He said he liked my little dress that barely covered my snatch and allowed him a view of my tits, especially when we were fucking.  Half way through watching a program, he lifts my leg over his lap and fingers me before I straddle his cock and sit on it during a commercial break.  Never really saw the last five minutes of the program, but oh well.  I loved it when he pulled my dress up over my breasts and sucked on my nipples as I was riding him.  Definitely do not forget the breasts when fucking!  He then flipped me over and threw my legs over his shoulders, a position that we haven’t been able to do for a while ’cause I’ve been concerned about the pain.  The sex was great!  Let’s see if we replicate or better it the next time!

On a side note, was casually searching for a site that I was on previously and came across porn videos in the history folder.  Since I was at work during those times, there could only be one answer.  Not sure how I felt about it.  Initially I was a little upset, but then I looked at the dates and realized it was during the “dry season’ when my vagina was hurting and I was on my period.  That was a good 10 days.  I suppose I felt a lot better afterwards ’cause he needs to take care of his needs as well.  Just ’cause I couldn’t touch myself with all the blood and pain didn’t mean he couldn’t touch himself.  But then, should I be concerned about the type of porn he was watching?  Everyone’s allowed to fantasize, right?

What are your thoughts on this?  Weigh in!


3 thoughts on “Day 294

  1. Porn watching is a sore subject for me. I am not against it for pleasure when sex isn’t an option (aunt flo is around or in pain) but when it is a go to form it can be tough to measure up. I do believe the type of porn can be a cause for concern, and it gives men the mental picture to replace what is real. Fantasies are fun and fine by me, unless they are impossible to measure up to.

    • I definitely understand where you’re coming from. I guess I never really got around to seeing what kind of porn he was watching without me. A part of me almost doesn’t really want to know either. However, believe in yourself and know that you are the best and if a man can’t see that and chooses to tug at his penis to some fake, scripted, edited footage, then he is obviously not the right one for you!

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