Day 317


We’ve been fighting a lot recently, especially at night, close to bed time.  I’m ultra emotional for some reason recently (hopefully it’s PMS and not pregnancy hormones!) and everything just sends me over the edge.  Needless to say, I haven’t been in the mood to have sex, and he’s still working long hours these couple of days.  This suck.


Day 316


Chatting.  Stressing about housing situation.  Having to get up ultra early.  Not to mention my paranoia about pain during sex.  And the fact that my period is still not here.  I wish I could just rip out my ovaries and uterus and never have to deal with all this shit again.

Day 313

Couldn’t wait ’till later sex.  ~6:00pm

He was in the middle of changing when I came in.  I got on my knees and took his cock in my mouth, even though he was hissing about how he had just showered.  Smells good!  No need to smell like a funky ferret?  I had just wanted to see his cock hard and glistening with my saliva, but he thought differently as he pushed me to the edge of the bed and held my legs up before fucking into me properly.  I hadn’t even had time to take off my dress.  However, that made it all the sexier.

However, there was pain afterwards, and I have no idea what the hell is going on!  God, just the memory of how painful it was was enough to send me packing.

Day 312

Monthly event sex.  ~8:30pm

So my period was late again.  A day, nothing to worry about yet.  I guess I started stressing immediately.  Couldn’t relax.  Didn’t know what I was feeling.  It hurt a little.  And I had to put lube around my vagina.  Just wasn’t the greatest session.

Day 311

Post short break sex.  ~10:30pm

At the beginning of the day, I had thought that we were going to roll in bed passionately.  Towards the afternoon, I couldn’t foresee that happening, especially when he came back dead tired.  Even his voice was hoarse!  Surprisingly, he did manage to roll over on top of me and initiate sex.  Don’t know what was wrong with me, but it didn’t feel as good as usual.  And that stupid pain from a month ago was peaking again.  What’s going on?!