Day 279


Pushing my luck sex.  ~10:30am

I guess my problem is that I like to push the envelope too much.  After the intense pain last night, I was (foolishly) optimistic enough to think that if we just had sex often, it would get better.  Of course we did.  And of course it hurt.  It hurt so bad that I nearly told him to stop, but to be fair, it was still quite pleasurable.  Pain mixed with pleasure.  Sounds like some perverse version of Fifty Shades of Grey.  Then again, I probably should have stopped him from fucking into me as hard as he did.  Either way, the pain was excruciating afterwards.

Went to see a doctor about it.  Made him deeply uncomfortable.  Got told to do without sex for a week because apparently my vaginal wall is all swollen and red.



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