Day 268


Comfort sex.  ~10am

The team I was rooting for lost horrendously, I’m sure the entire world must know of this by now.  He carried on watching while I retreated to the bedroom to lick my wounds after the first half.  His half-hearted words of consolation made no difference, but when he pressed his half-erect penis against my bum, it was beginning to feel a little better.  I like how he reaches around me to rub my clitoris and pushes my (flimsy, according to him) underwear aside to rub his penis against my pussy.  Had sex without lubrication (too excited, using his words), didn’t hurt, that alone was enough to make me happy!  He even had me flipped over and that was all good as well!  Finished a little too soon for my liking, but there were definitely more positives than negatives!  At least he admitted that it finished too soon, maybe he’ll take my offer to redeem himself up in a short while.  😉


What kind of animal are you sex.  ~2:30pm

I like to quickly slip under the duvet (naked) while he’s out doing something so he could come back to a naked body.  So I invite him to join me, and despite his reluctant words, he would get in anyways.  Then it’s cuddling, touching, me wanting to suck on his nipples (very sensitive there) and moving down to sucking his cock.  It’s suffocating under thick duvet, but loving it ’cause I told him to watch me.  Contrary to the quick finish, he certainly redeemed himself this time round, pulling my hips up and up while thrusting deep into me.  Thought my vagina was going to hurt again afterwards, but luckily, no pain came.  Yay!


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