Day 263


Take advantage of sickness sex.  ~10am

It was rare that his parent wasn’t feeling well, and the entire house was silent and still.  We had the opportunity to snuggle and cuddle together and not having to get up too early.  I complained that he took up the entire blanket through the night, I was freezing!  The cuddling and snuggling and the quietness moved forward and he reached a hand around and tugged down my underwear.  It was still lubrication intense, I wasn’t about to risk any more pain!  The sex was amazing, I’m really enjoying the close contact of bodies sliding against each other, added friction is always a bonus.  He tried to sit back up for a different angle and my vagina did not like that.  Ooops, pulled him back down immediately.  We’ll have to wait before we could try that again!  The pain was minimal, I’m praying and hoping that is the end of it.


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