Day 260


Why don’t you tease this sex.  ~3:00pm

Vagina didn’t feel too bad throughout the entire day, it wasn’t sore when I touched it, and it didn’t sting after urinating.  Good sign?  So in the afternoon, I quietly slipped away to the bedroom, undressed, and got into bed.  I waited until he realized where I had gone and joined me.  I always enjoy the cuddling and snuggling that eventually lead to the inevitable.  I told him that I enjoyed teasing him, to which he suggested that I teased something else.  Didn’t need more encouragement than that.  So I pushed myself up and straddled him.  I liked it when he reached down to push my underwear aside to rub the tip of his penis against my clitoris.  This time, I was in control of the lubricant and slowly lowered myself onto his penis, slowly, carefully, almost analytically trying to see just what the fuck was hurting me!  It was like dissecting sex, Masters of Sex style!  Eventually I rolled off to let him take over and discussed the angle at which he should enter and fuck me.  These days, he fucks me while stretched over me, pressed against each other tightly.  I especially like how he grips my ass.  The pain was definitely minimal, the sex was great, and I couldn’t help but hooking my arms around my legs and spread myself further for him.  The pain was minimal afterwards.  Maybe it just means that we should be having sex more often?


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