Day 259

Like a virgin sex.  ~11pm

Now that my period is over and we’ve given it about a week since the last time we tried anything, I figured it would be a good time to pick things back up.  While I thought we’d give it another day when his parents would be away and we’d have the house to ourselves, we just couldn’t wait.  So it was all about lubrication on both of us before he slowly entered me.  And by slowly, I mean real slowly.  Sheesh, it was like I was a virgin again!  I don’t think I was that nervous when I lost my virginity.  It started off great, so much sexual tension over the last few days.  Then it started to sting a little and I started tensing up.  To conclude, it still hurt afterwards, not as bad as previously.  However, I did immensely enjoy when his fingers dug into my ass deeper and deeper, pulling me closer to him as he approached climax.

Had a good cry afterwards.  Ten percent was because of the pain, but it was mostly because I was completely worried that it’d continue to hurt every time we had sex from now on, or worse: I’d never be able to have sex again.



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