Day 205


Oh my that is hard sex.  ~9am

For some reason, I feel extra horny these days.  Forgot to mention in a previous update, but on our little family trip away, I somehow managed to have a very vivid, wet dream.  I can’t remember the details of it, but obviously it involved me in some sort of sexual situation.  And it was so vivid that I woke up with my hand on my clit, rubbing furiously to an orgasm.  All this was done when I was half asleep, groggy, not even sure if I were still dreaming or not.

Ever since then, I felt as if I just can’t get enough of it.

To be fair, I did accidentally touch his morning wood.  And oh my, was it ever so hard.  Of course I had to comment on the state of it and wrapped my fingers around it to give it a firm squeeze and a few strokes.  He responded by rolling over to turn on the radio, flipping me over and fucked me with said erection.  I couldn’t tilt my bum up far enough, it felt like.  I just wanted him to go deeper and deeper.


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