Day 229


What’s going on there sex.  ~10am

I like to run my hand down his body in the morning and feel for his cock and ask him coyly what’s going on down there.  Of course it leads to me finding out personally what’s going on.  I like it when he’s on top of me fucking me, keeps me warm at the same time.  Also like it when I can feel the force with which he uses to thrust into me.


Day 228


Getting back into it sex.  ~4:10pm

Much better than yesterday.  I very firmly told him to turn off the show and pushed him back into the sofa chair before pulling down the front of his trousers and putting my mouth around his cock.  Moved to the bedroom after a couple of minutes and had a proper session.

Day 227


Restart sex.  ~4:15pm

In the end, I did cave and rolled into bed with him quickly.  It feels strange and good at the same time after about 8 days.  Possibly the longest stint of no sex other than having been physically apart.

Day 226


Period.  He said he was going to fuck me tomorrow regardless of how much blood there is.  I told him this was his own doing as he had many days to do something.  Yes, I’m vindictive.  Also because I’m annoyed as fuck and couldn’t care less.

Day 223


Thought he might fuck me early in the morning, but that didn’t happen.  Thankfully, my period did come today!  It was 38 days since my last period, what’s wrong with me?  These last two months had been ridiculous!  He lay back on the bed when we were home alone (for a short while) and invited me to suck his cock.  Umm, no thanks.  I guess I’m still bitter ’cause I feel like I’ve been robbed of so much on this trip, something that I was not anticipating, nor did he tell me.