Day 200


Come on in sex.  ~6pm

Earlier on in the day, he put a stop to my running through the room bottom naked and held me as he fingered me to an orgasm.  It was unfortunate that there was no time to reciprocate.  In the early evening, I typed to him to tell him that I was horny, since his mother was sitting with us and his father stepping in the door.  To my surprise, he stood up and told me to follow him.  I expected him to take me back into the bedroom to tell me that we’ll need to wait, but to my surprise, he very commandingly told me to get on the bed, turned on music and fucked me into the bed.  Surprise, surprise!  Finished in my mouth.


Day 199


Put on that radio sex.  ~8am

“Put the radio on.”

“I’m not awake yet.”

“Oh you’ll be awake soon enough.”

The conversation before the radio went on, the clothes came off and he fucked me to some radio game show.  Surely his parents couldn’t really believe that we’d actually be interested in something like that!

Day 197


Getting there sex.  8:30am

Morning sex ‘cause we’re still trying to figure out when the best time would be to get naked and roll around in bed.  Started off with his fingers on my clit.  Fucked me while I was on my stomach.  Definitely harder and faster than the previous time, but am still awaiting for the day when we can go back to our regular hard fuck.

Day 195


Don’t make excuses sex.  ~9:30pm

Had to coax and guilt trip him into having sex ‘cause he still felt uncomfortable with his parents around the house.  Don’t know why, it’s a natural thing, isn’t it?  Groping around in the dark, I finally had my chance to get on top and ride him.  For just a little while ‘cause he thought I was making too much noise.  Rolled off for him to take over, turned on a bedside light and carried on.  It reaffirmed for me that I much prefer hard and fast sex than slow and drawn-out sex.


Day 194


Finally sex.  ~9:30pm

Sex in a new country, I think we’ve had sex in about 15 different cities and a few different countries now.  There was still a little reproach as the parents were right out in the common area.  So in the dark, we groped each other’s bodies, more like I put his hand on my breast before sliding it lower.  The angle was new, some sort of tangled limbs where our bodies were almost in a cross with one another.  Slow thrusting isn’t really my ideal, but it was definitely better than nothing.