Day 167


Cum inside of me sex.  ~11:30pm

Wasn’t sure if we were going to have sex, one of those nights.  Both of us have been quite stressed recently and it’s definitely taken a toll on our sex lives.  He said it felt like we hadn’t had sex in two days, maybe that speaks volumes of what we’ve been lacking.  So the lights went off and I spread my legs, lifted my ass up, and put my face to the mattress for him to fuck me from behind.  Got a chance to ride him for a bit after, he says I go too crazy on top.  Finally finished with my legs on his shoulders.  Love his reaction when I tell him to cum inside of me.


Day 166


Slipping down my body sex.  ~11pm


Somehow turning off the lights, with just the light coming in through our window makes it more intimate and feels better.  Love it when he pulls out before he comes and cum drips from his penis onto me and slides down my legs.

Day 164


Extra bounce sex.  ~10:30pm

The bed always seems to creak even louder when the entire house is silent.  Love how he’s able to fuck me faster with a spring mattress, especially love the sound of our bodies slapping together.  Finished in my mouth, in what was possibly the shortest cock sucking session yet.  It’s a turn on of mine when he unconsciously grips my arm or my hand as he’s coming.  I guess it’s the idea that I was able to make him lose control that excites me.  

Day 163


Make-me-upper sex.  ~11:30am

Things have been more than stressful in the last couple of weeks, I tried solving some of them this morning, make me even more stressed.  His idea of cheering me up was to slide a hand in my panties and touch me until he could pull them off and rub the tip of his penis against my vagina from behind me, spooning and all.  Tried all kinds of different positions from lying down to him hovering above, fucking me.  Amazing.

Day 162


Hot and sticky on my back sex.  ~?

Love jumping on him and riding him, it’s great to look down at him from above.  Control problems?  Maybe.  Hahah.  Especially love it when he pulls out as he’s starting to cum and have it dribble all over my back.  Finished him in my mouth.