Day 138


We only have time for this much sex.  ~11:30pm

Love it when he teases me during sex and tells me that he’s got something else to do, or we don’t have enough time, or that was it for today… we both know he wasn’t going anywhere, but I’ll always play along and raise my hips and wiggle my bum to ask for more.


Day 137


Tentative sex.  ~9:30am

I knew he was tentatively trying to see how I was feeling after the alarm went off.  It’s quite cute how careful he was to cuddle up next to me, watching every reaction.  I can’t say I was completely over it, but it wasn’t something that I could dwell upon and things would magically change.  I just had to accept it as fact and move on.  He very tentatively slid his hand down my body and under my thong to finger me.  It was reassurance enough for him that I wasn’t going to turn him away like last night.  The fucking was long overdue, but maybe the extra hours helped as it definitely was more than satisfying.

Day 136


Was all up for it, honestly extremely horny.  Then we decided to somehow talk about a topic that I was super excited about, and he managed to turn it into a conversation that left me extremely disappointed.

No longer horny.

Day 135


Quickly get dressed sex!  ~3:30pm

Lazy day off meant we could lie around and take our time.  This certainly wasn’t going to be the case towards the end of our little play time.  When he came back into the room, I had already spread my legs on the bed, caressing around my vaginal area.  Though he uttered words of chastisement, it did not slow him from taking off his clothes.  We started on my back and then on my front.  He half ejaculated on my back.  The rest was all sucked and swallowed!  During the sucking, my phone rang, and of course we ignored it.  Only seconds after did we realize that it could have been the office downstairs telling us that they were bringing up tenants to view our apartment.  Ooops.  The rate at which we dressed.

Day 134


Saved by Skype once sex.  ~9pm

Was going to get it on earlier, but someone came on SKYPE and that was put off ’till later.  An he made sure to promise that as well.  Bent my body so far that I thought I was going to break my neck.  Asked him to cum on my face, but finished in my mouth instead.

Day 133



Might as well get busy when we’re waiting for a show to load.  Asked him to fuck me hard, and it started off just fine.  Then somehow , after we changed positions, things were just lost.  Just wasn’t as good as previously.  Came in my mouth.  Then complained about how there were dribbles of cum on the sheets.  I’m sorry, what?  You want to try sucking cock and swallowing afterwards?

Day 132


Not sure about that sex.  ~10:30pm

Dressed in sexy lingerie while watching House of Cards, that’s seduction enough on its own.  Decided to pop on something as well.  Loves it when he uses just a finger to pleasure me, when he follows directions well and curls his finger upwards against my G-spot.  And that was just a finger, imagine what a cock could do.  So much more.  Half way through, the lady on the screen was in the middle of giving a footjob, is that what they’re called?  Neither of us was particularly inclined, but neither of us was clearheaded enough to care.  Finished in my mouth.  Loves it when his body tenses up around me as he’s getting closer to his climax.  Huge turn on.