Day 106


Rolling around in bed sex.  ~1:30pm

Woke up and started drinking while watching Gravity, does this make us sound like alcohlics?  I don’t know why but I’m having such cravings for wine recently!  Was a little buzzed after the movie, and what happens to me when alcohol is consumed?  Easy to figure out, I’m sure.  Started in the spooning position, but it just wasn’t hard enough.  Love it when he holds my legs down and spread wide open.  The view of his cock entering me is impeccable.


Play fighting sex.  ~5pm

Told him I was going to tie him up again, he didn’t like that idea too much.  Then we fought over that piece of silk, but in the end abandoned it when he entered me.  Had my face down on the bed and my bum sticking up in the air, even convinced him to pull on my hair.


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