Day 102


How long have you been planning that sex.  ~9pm

To be fair, I hadn’t planned it at all.  It just kind of popped into my mind when I saw the handcuffs lying around.  So without saying anything to him, I told him to lie down near the edge of the bed.  The damned handcuffs weren’t long enough for anything.  Not to mention when I tried to loop it around the bed, the metal (cheap) chain holding the two cuffs together broke.  Of course, quick thinking had me use the sash around my dressing gown instead.

The best part was sucking on his nipple.  It’s usually too sensitive for him to remain still for a single second, but the power of handcuffs (and dressing gown sash) came through!  Loved sucking his cock, riding his cock, sucking his cock, riding his cock in reverse; wanted to touch myself, but figured I should lay off that considering my recent UTI episode.

Got off of him and pretended I was going to shower, the confused face was the best.

Of course, once the handcuffs come off, the fucking was better than ever.

Off topic: started watching Masters of Sex, absolutely amazing!  Highly recommended!


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