Day 79


Nothing went right sex.  ~7pm

Not that it wasn’t enjoyable, but it was full of hassle.  It started off great when the roommate was gone, the apartment was ours, and he suggested that we use handcuffs.  Love being in handcuffs, btw.  Then the roommate came back, and he decided that “romantic love songs” would be a great playlist while we fucked.  I just wanted to sing along to the songs.  Then it was in vagina, in mouth, in vagina, in mouth, changed the song to move provocative ones, but half way through it turned out to be some sort of techno-Japanese stuff.  Went to get lubrication and was finally able to finish.

Forever sex.  ~11pm

Were in bed already, but couldn’t stop kissing.  So I swung myself on top of him and slipped onto his cock.  And reverse.  I love it when I get to ride him, so rare these days.  And half way through, the roommate comes home (again), and there went my free exercise of my vocal cords.  Finally he flipped me over.  And over.  And it just carried on and on and on.  Maybe it’s because we’ve already done it once, but it felt like one of the longest sessions we’ve ever had.


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