Day 48


Laptop screen sex.  ~10pm

My (not so) secret enjoyment is watching him when he fucks me, this is usually impeded as I have a tendency to close my eyes during sex, or I’m always on the bottom, on my stomach.  Totally accidental was the laptop left on the bed when we decided to go for it, and the blacked out screen acted as the perfect reflective surface for me to watch him, even when I was on my stomach.  Bonus points for that!


Day 47


I told you we were going to have sex sex.  ~11:20pm

Cheekily told our friend that we’ll be watching some TV and have some sex afterwards.  We love to watch her cringe awkwardly.  Had him thrusting into me possibly the hardest he’s ever done, I absolutely love feeling the entire force of each thrust against my body.  Funnily, I had a dream about how he didn’t want to have sex with me in all these riske places, and then I threw books at him for refusing me.  Ooops?

Day 46


Edge of the bed sex.  ~11:30pm

After concluding that the bed was making way too much noise (friend sleeping out in the lounge could probably hear quite clearly), we decided that maybe we should try the very edge of the bed.  The act of struggling to balance and trying not to fall off the bed was maybe worth the lack of noises?  He complained that his knee was on the edge of the wooden bed frame.  Gotta keep on trying to find new portions of the bed to have sex!

Day 45


Ahem, I know what you were doing sex.  ~10:30pm

Had a work dinner and a couple of drinks afterwards.  It honestly is the best way to go home and fuck.  The lightly buzzed feeling definitely added to the excitement of sex.  And it’s always sexy when I crane my neck and see his shoulders hovering above mine.  Body surf = ❤


Day 44


Lazy sex.  ~4pm

Didn’t get out of bed ’till like 3pm in the afternoon and decided to quickly fuck before we had to go out for more practical things: groceries <- almost as good as sex. 


Tricked sex.  ~11pm

Don’t understand why he doesn’t like me on top very much, obviously he’s got something about being in control.  Not that I’m complaining.  Totally tricked him into having sex (well, not really) by telling him that we should continue to have sex ’till his cold is better.  Why wouldn’t it just go away?

Day 42


Flu sex.  ~12:10am

He felt he was coming down with something in the morning, and of course, the best remedy for that is sex!  It really wasn’t as great as Hollywood makes it out to be, considering the amount of start-and-stop that was involved because of snot and coughing.  But we were persistent and stuck through!  At least he’s feeling better today!