Day 19


‘Cause getting up at 6:30am and coming home close to midnight does nothing for bodily functions other than the need to sleep my life away.


Day 18.


Love an Empty House Sex.  ~ 10:30am

My turn to be on top and pinning him down.  No one was home, left the door open and heard my own noises echoed back to me.  Loves it when he flips me over and takes the reigns while taking me from behind.  It’s extra sexy ’cause there is a mirror against the wall that allows me (us) to see everything.  Love watching him while having sex.


Too Tight Sex.  ~ 10:20pm

Is there such a thing as being too tight for a penis?  The real concern of the night was that we were going to break the bed again.  A metal support beam in the middle of the bed was ripped once, we got it fixed, but it looks like it’s ripping again.  Oops.  He claims I’ve gone back to being so loud that it’s distracting.  Is that possible?

Day 17


Finally.  Sex.  ~ 11pm

Felt absolutely amazing.  I have a tendency to be a bit more aggressive (according to him) when I’m “in the mood”.  To stop my wandering hands, he eventually had to pin them down <– loved it.  Made it that much more satisfying, not to mention it left me totally control-less, which is a state I much prefer in bed than out of bed.  I also especially love the sound of skin slapping against skin during those minutes prior to climax.

Day 14


Who cares about time sex.  11:45pm

Despite the fact that we both had work the next day and it was rather late (for our standards anyways), sexual need knows no bounds?  Especially since we had that day off as well!  Didn’t forget the condom this time, maybe it was the condom, maybe it was the time of the night, but felt just a bit less pleasurable as the past few days.